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11 huvudfunktioner i SCREENPRESSO WORKSPACE

Förutsättningar: Hur öppnas WORKSPACE?


1) What is a Screenpresso workspace? 

  • A workspace lists all your captures (images and videos) organized by directories.
  • You can show the list of workspaces by pressing the F10 key.


2) Create new workspace

  • You can create new workspaces by clicking on the New... button or drag and drop an existing folder from Windows' file explorer
  • Drag and drop captures to clean them
  • The current selected one will receive the future captures

3) Select the retention policy

  • Open Screenpresso settings
  • Select the retention policy for the default workspace
  • By default, only 40 captures are kept, holders are deleted after a warning

4) Drag and Drop capture in third party tool

  • Select 1 or several images then drag and drop for instance in Outlook or PowerPoint


5) Open editor or third party editor

  • Open Screenpresso editor with a double click (1)
  • Open a third-party editor with the drop-down menu (2)


6) Copy images to your clipboard

  • Select 1 or several images
  • To copy the image: press CTRL+C or right-click > Copy image to the clipboard
  • To copy only the file path: press CTRL+SHIFT+C or right-click > Copy file path to clipboard


7) View file sizes and recompress them

  • Select 1 or several images
  • Right-click to see the total size
  • Right-click > Recompress to optimize PNG file format (lossless compression)

8) Synchronize a workspace with Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive

  • Select a workspace
  • Right-click > Properties
  • Select the synchronization method from the menu.


9) Create a PDF document

10) Quick Print

  • Select 1 capture
  • Press CTRL+P or Right-click > Print


11) Import media

if you have an image in your clipboard (for instance, copy an image from a website)

  • Open a workspace
  • Press CTRL+V to paste it in your workspace
  • The image transparency is preserved.


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